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I am a father, husband, and lifelong learner;  a clinician, an advocate, consultant, and ally.  Throughout my life, I have lived in Massachusetts, Virginia, Kentucky, the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.  


I earned my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Gallaudet University.  My dissertation empirically examined the 'Crab Theory' phenomenon as it pertains to intragroup discriminatory attitudes within the Deaf community.


I am currently an In-Home Therapist and Intensive Care Coordinator at Walden Community Services, a Deaf-specialty community service agency providing therapeutic support services to children and families impacted by trauma or other behavioral health concerns.  Prior work and training experiences include hospitals, a university mental health center, supportive group home programs, a residential treatment program for Deaf children with emotional and behavioral challenges, and federal corrections institutions of low, medium, and high security levels.  My research interests include implicit bias and oppression; and effective treatment of trauma via caregiver intervention.

HELLO! I am Frank Adams.


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