March 2003 Photo Gallery

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Martina and Nadine are partying it up here at the March Deaf Professional Happy Hour at Dave & Buster's.  Here we were, just before finding out that  A) tickets were required for the St. Patrick's festivities,   B)  admission stops at 7pm     and    C)  It is now 8:15pm The czech chick displays her 80's dancing skills at Irish Times For just one day, Czech chick stops talking about espionage and Microfilm-- and foususes on U2 and Lucky Charms!  It must be St. Patrick's day weekend at Irish Times! some pictures just speak for themselves--- another Margarita?
Martina & Nadine @ Dave & Buster's Off to the St.Patrick's Day Celebration! Martina Shows how it's done Martina O'Smidova What can I say?
Joe demonstrates to his Irish Times commarades how the beat goes... Legend has it, that Frank is the worst dancer of all times... finally evidence to back that up 4 1/2 hours at this table... drinking, singing, signing, and taking the occasional picture of random strangers... this is the beginning of spring break! i don't know what the song was-- but I'm fairly certain that her moves both Joe can't resist keeping us all on beat... even if it's not the same beat that anyone else is clapping.
Joe "the beat" Hill-- table percussionist See... I can loosen up! The Crew Czech Chick lets loose Giving himself a hand
Okay... this was weird.  This bodybuilder-type lady spit her gum up into the air... and caught it again while others watched.  She only missed a few (maybe 9) times, and once almost got gum in Ken's lap... which didn't keep her from picking it off the dirty table and trying again. Went to visit Martin and Clarice in Ky... this is Martin and in the background, Clarice's boss. Watched my friend Bethany's sons, and my car broke down while I was taking care of them.  oops.. Sam is wired on hot dogs, climbing on his brother Alex Bethany's new baby Gabriel... plotting his looting
Amazon Gum Lady Martin Bethany & Sons Wired on Hot Dogs Ahoy Matey!
Cousins... bonding through home improvement  :) It never looks this hard on Trading Spaces! Angela, Frank, Kim, and Suzanne...  at the  Semi-monthly Deaf Social at Fayette Mall I'm really not ticklish.... okay... maybe just a little bit. Leaving Kentucky... headed back to DC
Libby & Laura Painting Libby's Room Purple! Frank & The Teeneyboppers... live! I'm not ticklish! On the Road Again!
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