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"Before anyone says a thing, all people on the Internet are considered equal. It's a level of equality so pure it creates a tension that's hard to deal with."

- Kevin Barbieux

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Thursday, December 08, 2005
I'm just trying out the new Windows Live Local (Microsoft's answer to the amazing Google Earth). I can get a pretty good picture of my house. Check it out (click the "birds eye" link on the top left of the side-bar). The website is a little tempermental / buggy, so you can't always get a good look at the "virtual bird's eye view"... but if you can get it to show up, it's pretty good. The photos are clear and crisp... Dare I say it... they are higher resolution than the Google Earth pics. I smell a fight brewing. Fortunately for Google, the images aren't nicely joined into a seamless globe, like Google Earth. Windows Live Local is still just a series of photos with some idea of how they fit together.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Melissa and I have just made a little wager.. We're both trying to lose a couple of pounds before the wedding... and it's probably just a good idea for our health. So after watching 'The Biggest Loser' - we sort of stole their formula and added gambling to it. The formula is this:

(starting weight - ending weight/starting weight) + (starting bodyfat % - ending bodyfat %)

Whomever has the most points by the end of the bet ( Aug 1 2006), wins. What did we bet? Frank could a big screen TV and Melissa could get a Weekend in NY city including a new dress, hotel, and Broadway play of her choice. Who will win? We don't know. If anyone's feeling crazy and wants to help finance this little wager, just click on the "virtual tip jar" on the right column of this webpage.

Our weapons: Melissa has chosen the LA Weight Loss program. Frank has chosen the taking-care-of-a-hyper-dog-program. To the victor go the spoils. Let the contest begin (well, as soon as our e-store order from Bed, Bath, & Beyond arrives (bathroom scale with bodyfat monitor).

Hey... check out the ghettocam... we have snow (link to getto cam is at the top of this site).

Monday, December 05, 2005

No company is as honest as costco about their mediocre customer
service. Apparently the following employees have shown excellent
customer service: Nobody.


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"I Know this Much is True" by Wally Lamb

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Calphalon Commercial Hard Annodized

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Papa Gino's Mushroom & Pepperoni

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The Internet Archive

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WHO IS FRANK ?That's a complex question. Really, who are any of us? Let's see, I was born in 1978 in Boston/Westwood, MA. Lived there until age 14 when I moved to Reston, VA where I attended high school at South Lakes. I then attended college at EKU in Kentucky. After returning to Hull, MA for a while, I moved to DC to enter the Clinical Psychology PhD program at Gallaudet University.
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