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"Before anyone says a thing, all people on the Internet are considered equal. It's a level of equality so pure it creates a tension that's hard to deal with."

- Kevin Barbieux

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I've been selected for a jury. I cannot share any other information
until the trial is over.

Monday, March 27, 2006

What is the state of the US Justice System? Believe it or not... Bush's
appointments may not be the worst of it. I am now sitting in the DC
Moultrie Courthouse. Jury Duty. The jury pool has decided what they
want to play on the Juror Lounge television: Jerry Springer. I believe
that's grounds for a mistrial!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Long day. Yesterday I dec?ded to join a business trip of my host. We took a plane this morning (had to wake up @5 am) to Diyarbakir, Turkey and then after perusing the bazaars, dipping my hands in the famous Tigris river, and visiting the city (of 1 million people... twice the pop of DC)... we took a dolmus bus to Mardin on the Syria border. Beautiful city. In Mardin, I ate at a restaurant that is 700 years old (2 and a half times the age of the USA). Tomorrow ? will spend the day in Mardin.

Friday, March 10, 2006
Istanbul: Day 2 -
I love the call to pray that is announced5 times/day by speakers throughout the city. I have absolutely no idea what they're saying... but it's like an authentic soundtrack broadcast throughout the entire city. So... what did I do today? Quite a bit of walking. I did the Blue Mosque. I got an unofficial tour by a guy sometimes referred to as "the 6th minaret (tower) of the Blue Mosque". He's been giving tours there for 30 years and took me to some areas that tourists are not normally allowed. Then... the Haiga Sophia- a mosque turned church-turned tourist attraction. Tons of photos to follow. There are wild cats everywhere here.. and one followed me throughout the city for the larger part of the day. Did some minor shopping at the Grand Bazaar. Then noticed that the shopping districts are VERY specialized here. A street entirely devoted to leather shops... another full of underwear stores... and yet another entirely full of wedding invitation shops! I had dinner with a couple from Canada that took 2 years off to travel the globe.... and then spent some time in a bar with a guy from Malaysia, an Italian man who just graduated from a Renaissance Literature program, and a French woman who is studying history in Italy. Tomorrow I will switch from the Hostel to CouchSurfing fun! Until then!

Thursday, March 09, 2006
I made it. I am in Istanbul. In spite of my horrible sense of direction, I managed to get from DC to Milan and board the correct plane for Istanbul. Even more remarkable... I navigated the Istanbul Metro system and figured out where I needed to transfer to a tram. I didn't even get lost once! (why can't i do that in DC?)

Tonight I am staying at the Istanbul Hostel. The owner is incredibly friendly... in a genuine way that almost throws me off because we're so unaccustomed to that back home.

I enjoyed the flight (incredibly close to the Alps)... and am now going to take a walk around the city. This hostel has free internet access (would you expect any less from me?), includes breakfast, has comfy beds and nice clean showers.... for only $10 a day!


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